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Insecure to Irresistible


Being controlling and demanding OR over-giving and being too compliant are two sides of the same needy coin.


Both approaches, bossy and doormat-y, are about insecurity in love. They are both about a fear that men will pull away or don’t really want to be with you.


Some women are mostly bossy or mostly doormat-y, but most oscillate between the two. It creates rollercoaster relationships and dating histories. The highs and lows exacerbate the feeling of insecurity, anxiety, and obsession about men or a particular man.


The solution is high value feminine energy. It comes in releasing the fear of a man leaving or not really wanting to be there or not really loving you enough.


You release this insecurity by loving yourself enough to remain in the center of your own life. It’s loving yourself most while also loving others. That is the essence of leaning back.


When you decide to no longer be insecure, you can practice feminine acceptance. You loosen the grip on men and relationships and then they naturally flow towards you.


Neediness and men don’t mix well because masculine men DO NOT respond well the being controlled, either though outright demands or veiled over-giving designed to keep a “hold” of him. They smell it a mile away. It snuffs our their attraction and desire to commit like nothing else.


My new program ✨Insecure to Irresistible ✨will take you step by step through the process of shedding neediness specially *through* embodying and living feminine energy magic. You will know exactly what to say and do in dating and relationship situations to attract men, keep their attention with ease, and have commitment with joy and no drama. I will be launching this course super soon, if you want to be on the waitlist for a $100 discount coupon, sign up below 😘

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