Feminine Magic Club

Monthly Membership with Live Classes Weekly

with Mackenzie

"Since I am leaning back more and more, he says I love you multiple times a day.

He said it before, too but after applying your advice even MORE! "



Feminine Magic Club includes


♡ Member's only community with live classes and live Q&A weekly


♡ Weekly live class (4 classes minimum each month) on all things feminine energy


Plus access to two most recent months of past classes


♡ Workbooks, goodies, and special rates on other Feminine Energy Magic goodness




- Feminine Magic Club is hosted through a private Facebook group


- You can attend classes live or watch replay instantly


- Days/times of classes vary each week to accommodate many time zones and schedules


"Since I got involved with Mackenzie's feminine energy program, I became more aware of how men treat me different than other women. How they are a gentleman with me, while they are not with other women.

With the help of Feminine Energy Magic I get even better with this day by day <3"


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