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Shimmer School

Mastering Feminine Charm, Allure, and Mystery

for Your Most Magical Love Life

Does your love life feel stuck, hard, and painful?

Are you alarmed or let down by the types of men or dates you're attracting?

Does your guy act distant and less interested and in love than he was before?

Do you find yourself acting needy and insecure and hate it?

Do you feel powerless and like the fate of your love life totally is out of your hands?


Do you feel embarrassed, hopeless, or exhausted by the way things are right now?


Do you want to be magnetic, special, and magical?

Are you ready for things to go back to the way they were in the beginning (or even better)?

Do you just *know* that you're meant for a romantic, easy relationship with a man you love and respect?

Men love to adore you! Are you ready to let them?

Beauty, did you know you were meant to be a star? 💖✨💖


I don't mean that in the 'rich and famous' way (though, by all means!), I mean that you are something to behold, you were born to shimmer.


You're out of this world, you're magic, you give life mystery. For masculine energy men, coming across a feminine magic babe is like seeing a shooting star 🌟


This is what it means to be high vibe, to be irresistible. The rules that constrain the mundane every day don't apply to you. When he meets you (or meets the star in you if she has been hiding), his life goes from black and white to color.

When you're a shimmery, magical, star babe, committing to you is his pleasure, not something to trick him into. A night out with you is a treat from heaven. Wifing you is like hitting the jackpot.


Tap into your feminine energy magic. Channel it and let it lift you up and support you. Whether you call it being in alignment, leaning back, or being light and breezy, it's about embodying joy, fun, levity, pleasure, and mystery 💋

I am so, so, so excited to share my new course starting in May: Shimmer School: Mastering Feminine Charm, Allure, and Mystery for Your Most Magical Love Life ✨


✨Shimmer School✨ is for women who want to level up their love lives in a major way that feels clear, effortless, fun, and luxurious. Basically, lessons in becoming a fascinating goddess. Whether you're single or in a relationship, this program will take you from blah (or no) dates, ho-hum guys, and painful or passionless love to feeling like an unstoppable, elusive queen to whom commitment, romance, and blessings come with total ease.


If you're so ready to feel like a starlet in love and life without it feeling like dreadful work or feeling impossible, Shimmer School is just for you. If you want to be alluring, charming, and mysterious while still feeling authentic, Shimmer School is just for you 💍 Classes start in early May will be live with instant replay, each module will have a workbook with notes, prompts, and homework, and there will be Q&A and live group coaching throughout the program. 

You were born to be adored and for it to be a total joy <3


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